As a software development company that is focussed exclusively on the fund administration industry, the topic of large scale, global regulatory requirements is one that we have dedicated much time and resources to in recent years and continue to do so.

PAXUS is constantly evolving with 2 major upgrades each year, and each new upgrade introduces substantial new functionality to support major global regulatory changes and changing market conditions.

An example of the regulatory functionality included as standard within PAXUS, which is offered to all clients at no additional cost, is shown below:

Detailed and comprehensive functionality to manage FATCA reporting is contained in PAXUS. This includes an xml generation extract based on the US IRS specifications for FATCA reporting. The system stores failed FATCA checks for a given investor and provides the ability to record whether the fail has been remediated and what remedial action was performed.

PAXUS allows users to capture, record, check and report the information required by the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS") exchange of information obligations. PAXUS will populate the required XML report format with all relevant data held for subsequent upload to respective regulatory and governmental bodies.

PAXUS provides for the automated generation of an xml file for submission to FINRA’s Private Fund Reporting Depository. The system also contains a user friendly Form PF submission editor and an enrichment function to calculate and populate automatically those data elements which can be calculated directly from the PAXUS database. Further functionality has been provided for file storage and organisation of incomplete and complete submissions in the PAXUS database itself.

The Annex IV xml report for both the fund manager and underlying funds can be generated automatically from PAXUS. Similar to the Form PF functionality the system contains a user-friendly submission editor and an enrichment function to calculate and populate automatically those data elements which can be calculated directly from the PAXUS database.

A number of regional regulatory and tax reports exist for various jurisdictions including Luxembourg, Australia, Canada, USA and UK. More details are available on request.

A full list of generic reports and a sample report pack can be provided upon request:

What our clients say:

“Our multi-strategy multi-geography client base means we need to partner with firms that are capable of delivering industry leading reporting technologies and that have the ability to quickly adapt and improve these mechanisms to suit the evolving requirements of our clients.  We are always looking for increased efficiency, faster valuations, reduction in the risk of errors and broad ranging products that have the ability to support complex funds. PFS-PAXUS is a solid partner for Apex and the enhancement in its CRS offering reaffirms our confidence in this product assisting us in continuing to maintain the high levels of service we expect for our clients.”

Chief Operations Officer – Apex Fund Services 

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