PAXUS supports the entire private equity fund lifecycle, from initial commitment through to final distribution. All accounting processes are integrated within a PAXUS general ledger for financial reporting and accounting audit trail.

PAXUS calculates all partner economic allocations, including re-allocation of management and incentive fees to the General Partner, and calculates management fees for multiple classes of investors.

A functionally rich Shareholder Registry module supports the complex partner and commitment structures that exist, and automatically generates all limited partner correspondence, including capital call letters and statements, to each limited partner as required.

  • Versatile set-up of commitments at each stage of the fund launch
  • Automated capital calls and capital contributions together with automated investor correspondence
  • Tracking and reporting of commitments against capital activities
  • Investor IRR performance reporting over multiple time buckets
  • Financial reporting at entity and partner levels
  • Look-through financial reporting and consolidation across multiple entities and investment vehicles
  • Automatic allocation of P/L between general and limited partners as required. Profit and loss can be allocated upon committed capital, net assets or gross assets per partner
  • Calculation of partner economic allocations, including re-allocation of management and carried interests to the General Partner
  • ILPA reporting standards for Capital Calls and Distributions, Capital Account statements and Schedule of Investments
  • Automated calculation and allocation of fund accruals and management fees with built in industry standard fee types, for multiple classes of investors
  • Advanced performance fee methodologies, including preferred returns and carried interest
  • Investment attribution reports with benchmarking and exposure reporting
  • Deal level allocation model, linking deals to individuals partners or capital calls
  • Partnership distributions and the ability to import waterfall calculations from excel for distribution to investors with automated investor correspondence
  • Generation of all partner communications and automatic correspondence distribution via email, fax and/or post (as per the partner preference)
  • Standardised reports designed to assist with the preparation of Partner K1 returns
  • Flexible Drawdown and Distribution transaction processing
  • Receipting of drawdown cash and commitment cash management
  • Capital transaction workflow tools to incorporate best practice procedures and internal policies
  • When paired with the PAXUS-CONNECT web portal the investor commitments, capital activity and IRR’s are available online, together with the Private Equity reporting
  • Comprehensive suite of reports available as standard. With an open architecture design, PAXUS dynamically enables users to extract client data from the system via bespoke scripts and extracts in order to produce unlimited user defined reports and dynamic queries.

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