With regards to the pricing of the underlying assets and securities of the fund you have the option to input or import prices manually or via scheduled uploads, however the vast majority of clients use the integrated PAXUS-DATAFEED interface which allows for the import of securities market prices, foreign exchange rates and corporate actions automatically from major price providers, which of course includes Bloomberg, Reuters and IDC.

As a high level overview of how this process works within PAXUS, the PAXUS-DATAFEED application identifies the information required and produces a request file containing a set of securities or currencies to be priced. This request file can be created through a scheduled job in PAXUS, or it can be generated manually from within data feed module (which is included in the standard package of PAXUS) so you can customise how you use it to suit your business processes. The scheduling feature allows the price feed to be scheduled to run at certain times.

PAXUS-DATAFEED will transfer the request file generated from the PAXUS server to the service providers server via FTP. The service provider will then process this request file, and produce a reply file containing the required information. The PAXUS-DATAFEED will automatically poll the price source server for this reply file, and once located will transfer the file back to the PAXUS server, validate the file and import the prices into the relevant database tables. This process can be performed multiple times on a given day. It can also be performed to obtain historic prices if required.

The following information can be retrieved from your service provider* (*subject to the licence you take out with your data source provider):

  • Security Prices
  • Currency Rates
  • FX Forward Points
  • Dividends
  • Stock splits
  • Corporate actions
  • Variable Bond Resets
  • Security Master Enrichment

Additional functionality is available with some of the price source provider interfaces relating to corporate actions and security master enrichment.

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